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Bachelor of Computer Science (General) Degree

Students are admitted through a special selection window by UGC and currently, 50 students are admitted to follow the Bachelor of Computer Science Degree. Bachelor of Computer Science degree program (BCS) was introduced in 2010 with the aim of producing competent and employable graduates enriched with theoretical knowledge, soft skills and comprehensive training for a career in computer science and information technology.

In a period of three years, students develop skills and confidence to provide software solutions effectively and efficiently in a methodological way using the latest concepts. The practical sessions conducted during the program improve their hands-on experience to develop reliable and creative solutions. Individual and group projects carried out throughout the degree course allow the students to expose to new technologies and they improve their adaptability to new rapidly changing tools and improves the soft skills required in their carrier.

Industrial training is an integral part of the degree program through which students get exposed to the software industry. Industrial training provides opportunities for the students to engage in real-world projects which helps to produce IT professionals with comprehensive scientific knowledge in modern computer technology to support the economic development process of Sri Lanka and beyond.